WFR – 930 (4 gal pail)

STAUF WFR-930 Solva-Mastic is an alcohol based, high-strength adhesive for professional wood flooring installation. It contains no chlorinated solvents or other materials harmful to one’s health. It is ozone and environmentally safe. The adhesive spreds easily and has a non-slump formula hat will help insure contact and adhesive transfer. It allows fast installaion even with compliacated patterns due to its strong green grab. There is no flash time required, so installation can commense immediately. Rolling is neither required nor recommended. It offers superior flexibility and is designed to keep the flooring in place, yet allow for normal movement during seasonal changes to the flooring.

Trowel Information

Engineered Floors: #5 Trowel (3/16″x1/4″x3/8″) up to 60 sf/gal
Solid Floors: #4 Trowel (1/4″x7/32″x9/32″) up to 50 sf/gal
Parquet #3 Trowel (3/16″x1/8″x3/16″) up to 79 sf/gal

Cure at Time 73oF

Between 48-72 hours

Window to Install

No Flash time – immediate installation