…In 2020, Dianne and Jack Adleta have been celebrating The Adleta Corporation’s 100-year milestone by investing in the next generation.

First, they supported the mission of Basketball Hall of Fame Star, Nancy Lieberman, and Jorge Baldor, founder of After8ToEducate for homeless high school students, to sponsor a Nancy Lieberman Charities Dream Court on the repurposed campus of a former school, now the Fannie C. Harris Youth Center in East Dallas.

Then, they sponsored 11 educational videos for students, teachers and everyone to explore the Dallas Arboretum's fascinating world of flowers, butterflies, and waterfalls in the 11 galleries of interactive exhibits in the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden.

Here are some special moments as a result of these sponsorships:

Left to Right:
After8ToEducate founder,
Jorge Baldor, with Dream Court
Sponsors, Dianne and Jack Adleta.

The Adleta Corporation Celebrates by
Making a Dream Court Come True…

Dianne and Jack Adleta

"Serving youth, who are the
promise of tomorrow – now,
that’s a great investment.”
– Jack Adleta

Dianne Adleta celebrates the “video star" students and teachers, as well as the production crew at the entrance to the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden.

...and with a
Joyful Learning!

"Stand by...Action!" Students and their teacher are filmed while learning about water cycles, weather forces, and the interactions of the sun, moon and earth in the Earth Cycles Gallery.

““It means the world to us to support these exceptional initiatives: After8ToEducate providing homeless high school students a safe, cheerful, place to be, to study, and play basketball on the new Nancy Lieberman Charities Dream Court; and educational videos introducing the fun of learning nature’s lessons in science, art, math, and architecture at the Dallas Arboretum.””


This year, as The Adleta Corporation celebrates our 100th Anniversary, and our 50th year as the leading hard-surface flooring distributor, we are deeply grateful.

First, we thank our loyal customers, with whom we have been fortunate to forge strong, trusted relationships. It is a true pleasure to do business with you.

We greatly appreciate our suppliers. From the day we partnered with Armstrong, we made the decision to represent only the best suppliers who are leaders in their product categories. You are, indeed, the best.

And, of course, we appreciate our Adleta team of professionals who deliver excellence to all
of you.

With the continued commitment and leadership principles of our founding family, Jack and Dianne Adleta set the bar for excellence in customer care and set the positive tone of our culture by treating employees as family. When you look at the tenure of our team – 63% of our employees have been with us more than 10 years – you can see their philosophy is working.

Over the years, we have built our business upon these three core values:


  1. We are trusted by our customers and our suppliers.
    It’s simple, “Do what you say you are going to do” and “Do the right thing.”
  2. We are committed to your success.
    This means making the investments in inventories, merchandising, technology, transportation and education that allows our customers and our team at Adleta to succeed.
  3. We are concerned for your welfare. - All of you
    The benefit packages we provide for our employees, our safety program, and company health fairs show, help us express how very much we value the Adleta team. We are committed to contributing – giving back – to the communities wherein we do business. We know and respect our customers personally and strive to treat them as the friends they are to us.

As President of Adleta Corporation, I am proud to be part of this relationship with our customers and suppliers and to work with the dedicated, talented Team Members who are the ADLETA Corporation, Thank you all for your tremendous support.



Adleta is dedicated to value-added services for our flooring customers and ethical/responsible business practices including:

  • Leveraging our knowledge of flooring products and installation for innovative applications
  • Support for green initiatives and resource sustainability
  • Staying current with new flooring product introductions
  • Advancing efficient logistics and responsible business decisions to assure customers are provided with the lowest possible prices
  • Maintaining positive supplier relationships and frequent communications with our suppliers
  • Understanding local markets and providing exclusivity to our retail channels
  • Utilizing modern, accurate data systems and efficient technologies

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