PIC-850 (4 gal pail)

STAUF PIC-850 Contractor’s Urethane Adhesive is a urethane based, high-strength adhesive for professional wood flooring installation. It qualifies for LEED credits.Long open time allows for easy installations. Since there is no water present, it will not cause dimensional changes to wood flooring at installation. It grabs, holds and keeps wood floors in place. This adhesive is waterproof when fully cured and will not dissolve if it gets wet. However, it will not prevent moisture-related damages to wood flooring

Trowel Information

Engineered Floors: -#5 (3/16 x 1/4 x 3/8 in) up to 60 SF/gal.
Parquet: #3 (5/32 x 1/8 x 3/16 in) up to 70 SF/gal.
Moisture Barrier: -#12: up to 35 SF/gal. (Must use one per pail)
Underlayments: -#15 (3/32 x 3/32 x 3/32 in) up to 130 SF/gal.

Cure at Time 73oF

Between 24 and 48 hours