ERP270 (2.5 gal can)

STAUF ERP-270 Perma-Seal is a two component, epoxy reaction resin based sealer for professional flooring installation over damp sub floors. ERP-270 will mitigate moisture pressure from a humid sub floor to an acceptable level for any flooring installation. It will bridge minor cracks in the sub floor. ERP-270 spreads easily and creates a dust free surface ready for safe installation of flooring. It increases the bonding of subsequently applied primers, leveling compounds and/or adhesives.

Spread Rate

Foam Roller: up to 150 SF/gal.
XBL10 (7/64 x 5/64 in): up to 70 SF/gal.

Drying Time

Between 12 and 18 hours, completely hardened after 7 days