Contractors recommend hardwood flooring. They recommended because hardwood flooring is elegant, durable and sustainable for residential and commercial applications.
June 19, 2014
Benefits of using Armstrong Residential and Commercial Resilient flooring are that are among the best in the business with a wide variety of styles to choose from.
July 15, 2014
The Carpet tile flooring are composed of natural fibers providing health and production benefits, Availables at Adleta.


Carpet tiles are composed of natural fibers, which provide a number of health and production benefits. As a professional contractor, this means recommending a practical, yet fashionable preference in floor covering: carpet tile flooring.

At Adleta, our selection of commercial specialty flooring comes from Interface Stroll. To provide tailored solutions for your clients, you need to be familiar with the function and benefits of the carpet tile flooring that you can recommend to your customers.


The installation of carpet tiles would only require a few hours, regardless of how big or small the space is. With the versatility of carpet tiles, they can be laid easily and even fit complex room layouts. This is because your carpet tiles can be cut easily to fit a specific floor area. The laying is also individualized around each tile rather than with one large carpet, which is difficult to maneuver.


Carpet tile flooring offers many health benefits. By installing this type of floor covering, the space sounds less hollow and reduces the risk of slipping. The soft surface, composed of natural fibers, are kind to the joints and body, making it also highly suitable for asthma patients and people who suffer from allergies.


Apart from durability, carpet tiles come in a variety of sizes and styles as they resemble slabs of a carpet. They are suitable for covering tricky shaped floor spaces, a quick answer to floor covering with style. If your client is hoping for a fashionable look for their office floors, keep in mind that the color, texture and patterns should match the current decors and design.

Carpet tile flooring has become a popular choice for professional contractors, as evidenced by the growing number of clients requesting for a cozy workspace. This type of floor covering gives a room or an office a distinct character and aesthetic appeal.

With Adleta, we understand the dilemma of contractors who cannot find the perfect solution for the floor covering problems of their clients. That is why we guarantee quality carpet tile flooring services that are tailored according to your needs.

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