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June 11, 2015
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July 16, 2015


Are you planning to install flooring material in a bathroom? Do you know what the best flooring materials for bathrooms are?

You can’t install some popular flooring materials like hardwood and bamboo in your bathroom as they aren’t moisture resistant. But you don’t have to sacrifice beauty while installing flooring materials in bathrooms as there are several that are both water resistant and nice to look at.

Here are the best flooring materials for bathrooms…


If you really want that hardwood look, then laminate flooring is your answer as laminate flooring is water resistant and can be designed to look like anything. Actually laminate flooring with hardwood design is a popular choice and is easily available. You can also order custom laminate flooring with a little texture as it will make it less slippery. It costs around $2 to $4 per square feet which makes it very affordable.

Installation is very easy. The glue less variety is popular right now as you can just place the tiles as they are designed to just fit into each other.


Ceramic is another popular flooring material for bathrooms. Just like laminate flooring it comes in various colors and designs. You can also ask the company to create a custom design for you. If you go with this option ask the company to add a little roughness as this will make the floor less slippery.

Ceramic flooring only costs a little more than laminate. The only problem with ceramic flooring is that it can sometimes crack if you drop something heavy on it.


Vinyl flooring is a lot like laminate flooring as it is water resistant, affordable and available in various designs. Also it is very easy to install.


Resilient flooring is great for bathrooms because as its name suggests, it is highly resilient. It is also slip proof as it is made of rubber. If you are environment conscious you can use the version made out of recycled tires.

These are the best flooring materials for bathrooms. Install them today and you will watch them last for years no matter how much water is spilled onto them.

What types of flooring material do you usually install in bathrooms? Please leave your comments below.

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