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of hard surface flooring products west of the Mississippi, and East of New Mexico.

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As a Wholesale Distributor, we value our relationships with our dealers and do not sell direct to the public.

Adleta can source the best flooring products at the most competitive prices in the Southwest. We work closely with top manufacturers, including both leading brand name flooring suppliers and specialty flooring manufacturers, which has ensured our customers achieve great success in partnering with Adleta Corporation. Since we own our own trucks and employ our own drivers, you are assured the fast, safe delivery of every flooring order–guaranteed. Should you have any installation or marketing questions, or need advice on commercial or residential flooring applications, you can find the answer through Adleta 24/7 customer care online or by calling 800-423-5382. Experienced, knowledgeable Adleta Product Specialists can help you quickly determine the best products for your particular applications.

Commercial Flooring

Adleta delivers a wide selection of the highest-quality commercial flooring types in the Southwest, designed to stand up year after year to high-traffic and the wear-and-tear of institutional/corporate flooring applications. (Read more.)

Residential Flooring

As the leading flooring distributor in the Southwest and Central United States, we know regional home flooring trends and styles, so we stock both the most popular flooring and can source the newest floor styles. (Read more.)


Preparing the sub-floor for a new installation can be a time consuming, labor intensive task if you use the wrong flooring adhesive, subfloor preparation materials or incorrect finishing products. (Read more.)


Our software fully supports the new Flooring Industry B2B Standard. If your company is interested in creating a B2B partnership with Adleta, please contact Mike Parsons at 972.620.5600 ext. 1206 or mparsons@adleta.com


Custom Orders

Can't find what you're looking for? Have a special installation question? Click on our Information Request questionnaire or call our customer service department at 800-423-5382 Monday thru Friday from 8am-5pm. We welcome your calls and inquiries.