What's the difference between solid wood and engineered wood? Engineered wood is more stable, versatile and affordable than solid wood. Also, solid wook has a tight wear layer and thick wear layer.
December 3, 2015
Benefits of using Armstrong Residential and Commercial Resilient flooring are that are among the best in the business with a wide variety of styles to choose from.
January 26, 2016
Benefits of using Armstrong Residential and Commercial Resilient flooring are that are among the best in the business with a wide variety of styles to choose from.


Flooring is one of the more costly renovations a home or business can undergo,particularly when figuring in the new decor and furniture your customers will have to pick up to match it — not to mention the lost time and productivity that comes with having their floor ripped up. However, your customers are trusting you to help them choose the right flooring for each room in their home for a smooth transition.


Follow these tips so you can pass on up-to-date style and functionality advice to your flooring customers. We can help too, as your professional flooring consultant.


Incorporating a complementary color scheme that matches the rest of the home or office is key. Color can be varied depending on room to provide an added layer of dimension yet feature a blend of complementary hues and shades that do not clash. The flooring selection will depend on room location. Start with the foyer, which is the beginning focal point for color throughout the rest of the structure. Good choices include light-colored tile, wood, stone, slate or even a mosaic in swirling patterns to declare a warm welcome. To visually expand the layout, one shade used throughout all rooms is a good idea. Installing various loud colors for each room tends to abbreviate the visual space, making for an abrupt change that isn’t easy on the eye. Flow is important.


For those spaces where your customers will spend the majority of their time watching TV, playing games, lounging and entertaining, it’s important to match the flooring color with whatever was used in the hall and entryway. It doesn’t have to match exactly, but the colors should be in the same color family with complementary hues. For those large spaces where monotony could set in with one color or type of flooring, your customer may want to consider an inset carpet with hardwood all around. Area rugs and Oriental rugs work well too, to break up that space.


Room type certainly dictates the type of flooring. For formal dining areas and kitchens where tables are present, suggest warm tones of tile or stone, as wood tends to get scratched up with all that chair movement, says SF Gate. Living room materials that are durable and last the test of time include cork, bamboo, hardwood, and carpet. For those families with small children or pets, sculpted carpet in a dark shade can hide stains and wear. For other high-traffic rooms, such as mudrooms and hallways, tile and stone are good choices.

Kitchens are busy places, too, and to stand up to all that traffic, tile, slate, stone or even cork are solid choices for this room. Wood and laminate, on the other hand, can fall victim to water damage such as warping. Hallways leading to the bedrooms should be a neutral color, perhaps carpet, feeding into bedrooms that feature complementary hues. Again, abrupt changes in color will break up the interior decor, and not in a good way.

Hard-surfaced flooring is desired in kids’ room due to the tendency of spills. Master bedrooms would do well with plush carpeting or wood for a more elegant look that won’t get ruined as frequently as kids’ rooms will. Office floors can range from wood and laminate to tile and low-pile carpeting.


As a contractor or retailer, you can help your customers select a flooring option that complements every room of the home, from varieties of hardwood flooring to carpeting. Contact Adleta today, your trusted hard surface flooring distributor, to learn more about our products.

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