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July 16, 2015
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August 5, 2015
Residential or Commercial Flooring contractors must fix hardwood flooring damage so they can generate more customers. They need to have the required equipment for fixing for example, scratches, squeaky flooring, dents, gouges and other serious damages.

Old scratched parquet texture


Along with laying hardwood flooring, contractors must offer floor repair services as it can generate more customers. The ability to fix hardwood floors is an important skill because these floors are highly susceptible to various types of damage.

Learn how to repair hardwood flooring by reading all the below tips…


The requisite to efficiently repairing hardwood flooring is having all the necessary equipment at hand. The basic equipment required for most repairs include cleaning cloths, steel wool or sandpaper, mineral spirits, wood stain markers of various shades, painting brushes, tissues, a hammer, nails, a drill and a circular saw.


Scratches are the most common form of damage as things as simple as sand, stones, heels and claws (of pets) can cause them.

Minor scratches are extremely easy to fix. All you need to do is clean them with mineral spirits and use a brush to apply a stain similar to the color of the hardwood and dry it.

Deeper scratches require you to rub the scratched area with a steel wool or sandpaper. You can do this in a circular motion or along the length of the scratch. After that you must clean the area to get rid of every grain of loosely lying sawdust. Once it dries, apply the stain into the scratch and wait for it to dry. Apply more layers of stain till the scratch blends in with the rest of the hardwood.


If the flooring is making a squeaky noise, it is probably loose. You can easily tighten it by drilling a hole and hammering a nail. Be careful not to damage pipes or wiring below the floor.


If the injury is much more serious than a scratch i.e. it is a dent or some form of moisture damage, then you need to replace the damaged area. First use your circular saw to cut out the area and lay some new hardwood and finish it till it blends it. You can purchase quality flooring that can be used for repairs by contacting us at Adleta.

This is how to fix hardwood flooring. What are other common problems associated with hardwood flooring and how do you fix them?

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