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Are you a flooring retailer hoping to find the perfect flooring distributor?

As a flooring retailer you want to have the best products your customers want. Some might prefer resilient flooring, others might only want hardwood and others might just want to try out laminate or LVT. Therefore as a retailer, you need to find the perfect flooring distributor who will have the products you and your customers need and we will show you exactly how to do that below…


It’s a transparent world out there. It’s easy to know when someone or some business has done wrong or is not up to the mark. So while looking up flooring distributors, perform an online search for each of them to see if they have a positive or a negative reputation.

You can also visit their website and check out testimonials and case studies. If the name of the company (on which the study has been performed) is listed along with the case study or testimonial, you can visit their stores and check if they still stock their flooring. Also ask the store owner what they think about the distributor.


Another important aspect you need to consider is the quality of the flooring. You could do this by visiting the distributor and checking out their flooring quality or you could do it when you visit other stores while performing your background check. Also find out the list of manufacturers who supply their flooring. A good flooring distributor will stock flooring from brands like Armstrong Resilient Floors, Armstrong Hardwood, Bruce Hardwood, Bella Cella Wood and Artistek LVT.


You need to ensure that your flooring distributor stocks the flooring types you are looking for. So whether it is resilient, hardwood, laminate or LVT enquire if the distributor stocks it and in what quantities and if it would be readily available when required.

Considering all these factors should help you, the flooring retailer, find the perfect flooring distributor. Ensure that you follow all of them instead of going about it arbitrarily. Plan well and give your customers what they want.

What other steps can flooring retailers take, to find the perfect flooring distributor? Please leave your comments below.

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