Benefits of using Armstrong Residential and Commercial Resilient flooring are that are among the best in the business with a wide variety of styles to choose from.
May 9, 2016
September 29, 2016
Benefits of using Armstrong Residential and Commercial Resilient flooring are that are among the best in the business with a wide variety of styles to choose from.


Recommending commercial flooring is something we do, and we know it’s something you do as a retailer or contractor as well. Many industries require heavy-duty flooring to withstand the wear and tear as part of environments like factories, warehouses and more. Commercial flooring doesn’t have to be drab and boring — it can be attractive too, blending in with the surrounding environment seamlessly.


The type of flooring your clients need will depend on many factors, such as the need to handle high-traffic areas or heavy machinery, the ability to resist stains, spills, and even water penetration. Let’s take a look at a few types of commercial flooring that can stand up to abuse over the years.


Many warehouses and factories feature concrete flooring, and for good reason. It’s relatively inexpensive, it’s easy to maintain, and its dense surface can take a lot of abuse from heavy machinery such as forklifts without incurring damage. Sometimes, it can break down or chip over many years, but it’s easily removed or repaired. You can also apply decorative treatments to concrete, such as patterns and colors, to suit the needs of the type of business being conducted. This is a great option if the surface is also seen and used by the public, such as within retail stores, office buildings or showrooms. Concrete can be polished, stained, tinted or embedded with decorative objects to give it an aesthetic appeal. This material also happens to be cost effective and affordable, says the Concrete Network.


Not only is this a durable flooring option, it’s also a resilient one. Traditionally, you’ll find this in places like gyms, playgrounds and exercise studios where a surface that is soft and yields to pressure is desirable. Now, more and more commercial environments are utilizing rubber in their flooring, such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes. It’s available in lots of colors and textures and can retain its beauty for many years with little maintenance.


For a more upscale look, natural stone is available in many different materials such as marble, limestone, granite and slate. It can be used for both interior and exterior commercial flooring but it does need occasional maintenance such as sealing, in order to retain its beauty and sheen as well as to keep stains out.


Known for short as LVT, this low-cost flooring option is easy to maintain with an unmatched versatility and stain resistance. It’s available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures that allows it to fit seamlessly into anything from hospitals and restaurants to high-end spaces such as resorts and hotels. It can start to wear after about a decade of use, however.


This material is durable and damage resistant, perfect for high-traffic areas. It lasts for decades, and can be water proof if it is sealed with a melted glass glaze. In this instance, it can repel stains very well.


While most people think of hardwood as a residential flooring option, it’s also great for some commercial uses. It’s durable and looks great, but it’s more appropriate for mid- and low-traffic areas rather than high, as it’s not as resilient as some of the other above options. It’s best for retail stores, restaurants and theatres, where its beauty can be appreciated.

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