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May 20, 2015
June 19, 2015
Flooring contractors think green. There are flooring materials to use and install, for example, cork, rubber, hardwood and bamboo flooring.

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Do you care about the environment? Do you know the best eco friendly flooring materials contractors can install?

For those who care about the environment and its beings there are several eco friendly flooring materials available. These include wood free materials and wood harvested through sustainable farming.

Many of these flooring materials are as good as regular flooring material in both quality and design as eco friendly flooring have grown to become popular.

We have listed the best eco friendly flooring materials contractors can install. Recommend these to your customers…

1. Cork flooring:

Cork can be used for creating things other than wine bottles stoppers and this includes flooring. Cork is environment friendly and renewable as it is harvested from the bark of trees which grows back in a few years time.

Cork is easy to maintain and can be installed in various rooms of the house. Like hardwood you should find cork wood that is finished with various colors and designs. If maintained well it can last for decades.

2. Rubber flooring:

Rubber flooring made out of recycled tires makes great eco friendly flooring material as it is water resistant, long lasting and offers a great grip. These features make it perfect for rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Hardwood flooring:

Not all hardwood flooring material is manufactured in a harmful way. Companies like Armstrong Hardwood manufacture flooring while following sustainable forest management practices and by using abundant species that aren’t on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) list. As hardwood flooring can last for several decades and can easily be fixed with a new finish, it is highly sustainable.

4. Bamboo flooring:

Bamboo flooring has quickly become a popular form of flooring material. Bamboo is highly sustainable as it can be grown within 5 years. It has many properties similar to that of hardwood, and just like cork flooring and hardwood flooring, comes in many designs. Therefore it can be used in similar settings.

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