E.C. Adleta Sr. founded the Adleta Showcase and Fixture and Manufacturing Company in Dallas, Texas.


The Adleta Company was founded as the companion wholesale division of the Fixture Company.


The Adleta Company distributed products manufcatured by the Philco Company and Radio Corporation of America (RCA).


Marked Adleta's first full year as a flooring distributor. The Adleta Company became a flooring distributor for Armstrong World Distributor.


The 'Golden Age' of Vinyl, Armstrong Designer Solarian ruled supreme.


Adleta awarded Armstrong distribution rights to the Shreveport and Northern Louisiana Markets.


Adleta awarded Armstrong distribution rights to the Little Rock and Arkansas markets.


Adleta become the single distribution center of Armstrong Flooring with the acquistiion of Slaughter Distributing.


Adleta awarded Armstrong distribution rights to the Memphis, Eastern Tennessee and Northern Mississippi markets.


Adleta began distribution of engineered wood products from Armstrong Hardwood.


Adleta began distribution of engineered wood products from LM Hardwood. Adleta entered into a partnership with Stauf, an adhesive manufacturer from Germany.


Adleta entered into a partnership with MetroFlor to introduce Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors under the Artistek brand into our market.


Adleta Introduced 'floating' Luxury Vinyl Tile floors.


Adleta began distribution of engineered wood products from Bella Cera Wood


Adleta introduced Adleta Wood Products.



Edward C. Adleta, Sr.

Edward C. Adleta, Sr. Founder
1878 - 1954

In 1920, E. C. Adleta Sr., the grandfather of our CEO and owner, Jack Adleta, founded the Adleta Showcase and Fixture Manufacturing Company in downtown Dallas, Texas. Twelve years later, The Adleta Company became the companion wholesale division of the fixture company. Since that time, our company has merited the reputation as a leader among all wholesale distributors in the Southwest. From the beginning, Jack’s grandfather, father, and uncle represented various fine quality products before deciding, in 1973, to become the best flooring resource available.

Downtown Dallas, Texas in 1920 Painting by Noyes

From 1932 to 1943, the Adleta Company distributed products manufactured by the Philco Company. From 1943 to 1973, Adleta served as the wholesale distributor for RCA consumer electronic products and distributed a wide variety of electronic parts, components, and equipment. Our company introduced both black and white and color television to the Southwest and sold more television sets than any other distributor operating in this area. If you think about it, your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents probably bought one of those first, exciting TVs distributed by Adleta.

Adleta Company 1947

In early 1973, the Company recognized the huge opportunity for growth offered by the home furnishings industry. On December 1, 1973, the Company was appointed as the distributor for the Armstrong Resilient Floor and Carpet lines which was pivotal in our future. Our first full year as a flooring distributor was 1974. The subsequent, rapid growth and success in flooring distribution led to our decision to refocus the company from the electronics distribution business to flooring exclusively.

The decade of the 80’s brought more rapid growth. The “Golden Age” of vinyl, Armstrong Designer Solarian, ruled supreme.

The decade of 2000 to 2010 brought major additions to the Adleta product portfolio. The popularity of wood flooring rose rapidly. This, combined with the availability of new state-of-the-art wood manufacturing facilities overseas, enabled Adleta to lead in changing the marketplace. We introduced high-style, engineered floors at price points that opened the category to consumers who previously couldn’t afford wood flooring. This also made it possible for our retail partners to enter a profitable business that had been the domain of “sand and finish” contractors.

In order to ensure our customers were using the best adhesives and installing these wood floors correctly, in 2004 we entered into a partnership with Stauf of Germany, the finest quality wood flooring adhesive producer.

In 2006, we forged a partnership with MetroFlor to introduce Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors under the Artistek brand into our market. Adleta helped start the revolution of “floating” Luxury Vinyl Tile floors with the introduction of Konecto in 2007. Today, Adleta represents a full line of Luxury Vinyl Tile products from the world's leading manufacturers such as Armstrong and Metroflor.

Our hard-surface flooring history cannot be complete without a discussion of laminate flooring. Again, Adleta played a major role in the development of this category. In 1996, we were the first distributor in the United States to sell Wilsonart Laminate. Retailers and consumers were introduced to the value and beauty of High Performance Laminate floors. Laminate flooring has evolved dramatically since that time and, while Wilsonart exited the flooring industry, we are now proud to represent Armstrong, as well as the Bella Cera laminate line.

The constant in our history has been the ability to recognize innovative new products, adapt to change, and to keep our customers as the center of all our activities. Adleta Corporation serves more than 2,000 customers in a large portion of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kanas, Missouri, and Nebraska from locations in Carrollton, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Shreveport, Lousiana; and Memphis, Tennessee.

We are grateful to be able to say that we are recognized as a leader in our industry by both our suppliers and our customers. We honor our history and look forward to continuing the Adleta legacy of treating customers, employees and suppliers like family. Here’s to 100 years and counting!

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