If you are looking for flooring distributors and you are a flooring retailer you need to check first their reputation, the quality of flooring and the floor types they offer before you decide.
July 18, 2014
Be at top flooring contractor by choosing quality, offer top of the line customer service and display expertise using blogs and social media so people call you for their residential or commercial flooring needs.
August 26, 2014
Bruce Hardwood Flooring have the highest quality for hardwood, is environment friendly and is a brand that Adleta trust in and distribute it.


What are the benefits of using Bruce Hardwoord Flooring?

As a flooring contractor you want your customers to only have the best hard wood flooring, whether it is for homes, restaurants or shops. Quality hardwood flooring will not only last long and age properly, but will also give the place an elegant vibe. This is why we at Adleta Corporation, in Texas, distribute hardwood flooring from Bruce Hardwood flooring. Bruce Hard Wood flooring is a brand we trust and here are the benefits of choosing them for your customers’ needs…


People have preferences, some might want a certain color, others might want it to be glossier and then there are those that want the wood to have a certain appeal. Bruce Hardwood Flooring makes it extremely easy for contractors to find the right wood for their customers with a wide array of choices. You have 12 colors (this includes grey, black, beige, brown, orange), 4 looks, 4 types of wood, two construction types, three levels of glossiness and of courses various sizes and thicknesses too.

You can definitely find what you need with Bruce Hardwood Flooring.


Bruce Hardwood Flooring has been running for over a 100 years as they have put quality first. Most of their hardwood comes from the Appalachian Mountain Range in the U.S. where the wood is known for its clear grain, consistent color and excellent stability.

Premium and select grade hardwood is used to create 70% of their products to ensure that the floors contain fewer streaks, knots and flaws. Each strip and plank of Bruce Hardwood flooring is checked up to 75 times to ensure they are of the highest quality.

This thorough care for their products has helped them receive plentiful recognitions from builder magazine, remodeling magazine and consumer reports.


Bruce Hardwood Flooring understands the importance of the environment. They are highly committed to reducing environmental impact and sustaining natural resources by cutting down energy use, decreasing water consumption and supporting sustainable forest management practices. They have also taken steps such as recycling and planting hardwoods to replace the wood used.

As you can see, Bruce Hardwood Flooring covers your flooring needs from every front. If you are a contractor looking for hardwood for your customers give us a call today at Adleta as we are a Bruce Hardwood Flooring distributor and can help you take advantage of all their benefits.

What are the other benefits of using Bruce Hardwood Flooring? Did we forget to list out any of the essential ones here?

Image Credit: Bruce Hardwood Flooring

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